måndag 2 april 2018

Almost 3 years ago.

Easter eve 3 years ago occurred April 4, almost like this year.
I remember that day of a special event. Before we get there I'll take it a bit from the start. I got off the bus at Malmö Central Station and walked along Neptunigatan, which runs along Nordmill's large facility. There I met 2 youngsters from the United States wondering where the West Harbor is located. We followed almost where they went elsewhere. Already at Turning Torso I picked up the camera and took some pictures.
When I turned around, there was a woman at the age of 45 wondering if I could take some pictures on her, and I could. Targeted her cell phone and took the pictures.
The woman was visiting Easter and had a look at the major sights in Malmö. Of course I asked what brought her here, and on the one hand it was the TV series BRON, but also Malmö's team in Ice Hockey, IK Pantern. The coach there had been training for the hockey team in her hometown Dunaújváros in Hungary.
I followed her to show to the castle and come out and when she sees the Öresund Bridge, she breaks out "THE BRIDGE !!!". It was a couple of hours together where we visited the castle at the castle, into the castle and even looked at the various sights.

Exactly here we, Marianna and me, met and some pictures were taken right here!

About 5 hours after the first pictures at Torson, Marianna went to Copenhagen for a few hours spent there. And there our ways separated.

Some meetings with people are remembered more than others.

/ Lars

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På väg till ICA Toftanäs passade jag på att ta några vinterbilder. / Lars